Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Weekly Shipwreck Wrecipe

So last Friday on The Shipwreck, I shared another "Simple Recipe for Simple People." This one is a personal favorite because it involves a ½ meat. (See the Man B Que Rule that states: No less than 4 different meats are to be served at Man B Que. There is a maximum of 17 ½ meats* allowed. *Processed meats such as non-beef hot dogs and gyro meat count as a ½ meat.) ½ meats don't get nearly the attention or respect that "real" meats get but they are certainly not lacking in flavor; this may be due to the random animal parts that get thrown in to the mix during the creation of said meat or the over abundance of salts that manufacturers add to these tasty delights. Regardless, this Shipwreck Wrecipe is still a good one and a cheap one at that.

Weekly Shipwreck Wrecipe:

The Poor Hawaiian
1 Can of Spam (Unless you want more. Make as much as you want, you deserve it)
1 Large pineapple

Cut Spam and pineapple into large cubes
Place the cubes onto fully soaked skewers
Place skewers on the grill, directly over the center for about 4 minutes on one side before turning and repeating
Remove the skewers, let them cool off (don't be an idiot) and enjoy. (Being that Spam is not "real" meat and does not necessarily have to be cooked, we reccommend 4 minutes just to get it nice and toasty, you can keep it on there longer if you prefer.


Anonymous said...

This recipe is great!

Anonymous said...

Let's soak those pineapple chunks in something alcohol.